Zurich Filmmusic Competition 2022

This is my score for the 2022 Zurich Filmmusic Competiton. 
The task was to rescore the award-winning short movie "The Foundling" by the brilliant writer/director Barney Cokeliss.

It didn't make it to the top three nominated scores, but I'm still very proud of this work!
Enjoy and if you're interested in the full score, feel free to contact me!

Jul 14, 2022

TOBS Theater Wonderland

I was so happy to contribute the arrangement of the titelmelody for the extraordinary play "WONDERLAND" by the TOBS theater company and its director Isabelle Freymond!

What an amazing piece of art they created!

Dec 22, 2021

Einsamkeit hat viele Gesichter

I’m excited to announce, that the very intimate and touching documentary about the loneliness of elderly people «Einsamkeit hat viele Gesichter» premiered yesterday at Bourbaki Cinema in Lucerne. The amazing production company www.voltafilm.ch has created a truly sensible film about this difficult subject.

I’m very happy to contribute the music to this project!

Jun 30, 2021

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